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Facility Agility: Planning for Facility Emergencies

What is facility agility? Facilities might be static assets that can’t be considered agile, but nonprofit leaders must remain agile in order to resume or maintain operations in the wake of a crisis or emergency.

Nonprofit leaders can approach facility emergency preparedness in different ways. For example, facility-based emergency preparedness programs are specific to an individual facility owned or operated by a nonprofit. Other approaches to facility emergency preparedness might be more broad or comprehensive, intending to address many types of hazards, disasters, or crises that could occur at any facility operated by the nonprofit. No matter the approach you take to safeguard your nonprofit’s property, consider implementing these essential emergency preparedness tips that address the who, what and how of facility agility.

The full article from the Nonprofit Risk Management Center can be viewed here



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 PTI Nebraska

PTI Nebraska (Parent Training and Information) is a statewide resource for families of children with disabilities and special health care needs.

PTI Nebraska’s staff are parent/professionals and are available to talk to parents and professionals about special education and disability specific information.
PTI Nebraska conducts relevant, no cost workshops statewide.
PTI Nebraska provides printed and electronic resources.
PTI Nebraska encourages and supports parents in leadership roles.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter.  Our Community Compass profile is here.

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